Organic & Natural Massage Treatments at Apothespa Teignmouth

Massage Treatments Teignmouth


Organic & Natural Massage Treatments in Teignmouth

​Set in our luxurious treatment rooms our team of experienced therapists will offer you a relaxing or invigorating massage using your choice of specially formulated Apothespa oil blends, including : Tired Muscle; Ginger & Juniper, Bergamot, Juniper & Orange; Mandarin & Macadamia; Frangipani; Geranium & Orange; Lavender. Our oils are mostly nut free.

During consultation your therapist will check with you about specific areas you would like to concentrate on, such as shoulders, and also the level of pressure you prefer. Please let the therapist know in treatment if she needs to adjust this, she will be happy to accommodate.

Specially tailored to your needs alongside using our own artisan luxury aromatherapy blends. Including face and scalp massage.

Specially tailored to your needs alongside using our own artisan luxury aromatherapy blends.

60 Minute Facial, full Body Scrub, 60 Minute Massage

Frangipani is known as the “scent of the Goddess” , which is how you will feel after our Luxury Frangipani Spa Package.

Beginning with our Raw Sugar Cane Full Body Scrub, followed by a 1 hour Frangipani Full Body Massage, finishing with our Luxury Frangipani Manicure & Pedicure. After your massage you will be treated to a herbal tea of cranberry, rose and vanilla to perfectly complement the benefits of  Frangipani.

We use Frangipani absolute which is highly concerted ensuring you receive the full properties of this heavenly oil. You will feel uplifted, revived whilst the exotic, sweet musky scent lingers on your skin like a perfume.

  • Full Body Scrub

  • 1 Hour Full Body Massage

  • Luxury Manicure

  • Luxury Pedicure

  • Express Facial

  • Full Body Scrub – Geranium & Orange Raw Sugar Cane Scrub Followed by our Geranium & Orange Body Butter

  • Fabulous Foot Therapy

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