Organic Body Treatments & Scrubs at Apothespa Teignmouth

Body Treatments & Scrubs Teignmouth


Body Treatments & Scrubs Teignmouth

Our natural body treatments combine body scrubs with massage in our treatment rooms in Teignmouth in Devon. Cleansing and perfect for exfoliation, the Apothespa organic and natural body scrubs are hand-made in Devon using raw cane sugar and contain no micro beads.

Targeting hard to reach areas for an invigorating cleanse to balance and renew forgotten skin. Superficial and deep cleanse followed by an exfoliation, back massage and mask.

Stimulating and cell renewing treatment to achieve a healthy and natural glow. Body brushing followed by Raw Sugar Cane scrub of either Frangipani or Geranium & Orange.

A natural scrub made from Pink Himalayan Salt known for it’s detoxifying and hydrating properties. This beautiful blend of Grapefruit and Coconut oils will deeply nourish the skin and revive the mind.

This is a highly luxurious and relaxing treatment which begins with body brushing followed by a full body exfoliation using a choice of our organic sugar/salt based body scrubs. Leaving the skin soft, smooth & re energised. Followed by a deep rhythmic body massage to alleviate tension, increase circulation and promote relaxation of body and mind.

60 Minute Facial, full Body Scrub, 60 Minute Massage

A special introductory offer for a brand new spa package. Frangipani is known as the “scent of the Goddess” , which is how you will feel after our Luxury Frangipani Spa Package.

  • Full Body Sugar Scrub
  • 1 Hour Full Body Massage

  • Luxury Manicure

  • Luxury Pedicure

After your massage you will be treated to a herbal tea of cranberry, rose and vanilla to perfectly complement the benefits of  Frangipani.

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